We're Thrilled To Announce The Panels of Derby City Comic Con 2015

Derby City Comic Con - 2015 Programming Schedule

Saturday - Media Room

11:00 AM - Cosplay 101 - Come and learn all the basics for constructing your first costume! Sewing, prop making, armor and more! We'll show you that making a costume from scratch isn't that scary and, with just a few skills cosplay, can be fun and easy.

1:00 PM - Kids Write Comics 101 - Kids, Scott Bachmann is going to teach you how to write a comic using your ideas. Parents, you might learn a trick or two as well. Be ready because every kid participates.

3:00 PM - Write or Wrong: Doing the Work is Only the First Step - Writer/creator Dirk Manning (Image Comics, Devil's Due, WRITE OR WRONG and more) discusses how to build your brand and get others to notice your comic work in this informative and entertaining panel, discussing networking, collaboration, Kickstarter and more! If you're an aspiring comic creator, don't miss a chance to gain some valuable insight from Dirk Manning, folks!

Saturday - Non-Media Room

11:00 AM - Creating Comics with the Louisville Cartoonist Society - Members of the Louisville Cartoonist Society (LCS) will be sharing information on self-publishing comics, and how to get involved in the comic book creator scene in your community. The group will discuss their creative process, share tips and techniques for comic book creation, and discuss upcoming projects. They'll also be sharing what they did to make their "Tall Tales & Little Lies" comic book Kickstarter project so successful.

1:00 PM - Small Press Showcase I - Comic books aren't just published by the big companies; they're made by your friends and neighbors! Meet some of the folks that love comics so much that they write, draw, color, letter, and publish their own comics.

3:00 PM - Coming Out Cosplay - Alexa Heart, a transgender cosplayer, discusses her decision to transition and the support she has received from the geek community. This panel covers topics like body positivity, handling negative comments and bullying, cosplaying at any age, and cosplaying for yourself. There will be a short Q & A at the end of the panel.

Sunday - Media Room

12:00 PM - Advanced Cosplay - Get ready to take your costume to the next level! We will cover more advanced techniques such as finishing your seams , prosthetics, LEDs and more. Whether you want to have a competition level garment or an over the top prop, we are ready to address any of those fears when taking on an epic costume.

2:00 PM - Pixel Brain Productions Present: Bagged and Bored - Pixel Brain Productions will be screening the first three episodes of their brand new web series, Bagged and Bored! This show is jam packed with hilarious geek culture comic book references, so you don't want to miss it! Afterwards there will be an exclusive "sneak peek" of Episode 4 and a Q&A with the cast and crew!

Sunday - Non-Media Room

12:00 PM - Small Press Showcase II - Meet even more folks that love comics so much that they write, draw, color, letter, and publish their own comics in our second Small Press Showcase!

2:00 PM - Comic to Film Translations - This year we will be discussing Television and Social Media as well the Standard Marvel and DC movie fare in relation to their Print counterparts...wait, what?! They're making a Deadpool movie?! Chimichangas!!! ! Oh, and as always, SPOILERS ABOUND!!!

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Creators To Meet at Derby City Comic Con 2015!

Julie Moss Conrad is the sole artist/founder of The Phoenix And The Kyote. She specializes in one of a kind steampunk jewelry handcrafted from vintage keys, gears, clock and watch parts, transportation tokens and other antiquities and curiosities. In addition she carefully modifies assorted guns into award-winning steampunk props. Julie is a member of the Corn Island Steampunk Society, the Society of Steampunk Artists and is a juried member of the Louisville Artisans Guild. You can learn more by visiting facebook.com/ThePhoenixAndTheKyoteSteampunkArt


Returning to Derby City Comic Con in 2015, William is a comic creator, artist, and writer, as well as founder of Dream In Color Entertainment, William strives to produce work that will entertain and encourage creativity in others. William frequently speaks at local libraries and schools in Louisville, KY and surrounding areas to foster and encourage future creators. He is finishing the Dream In Color Entertainment title SOVEREIGN in 2015, and has big plans for the future direction of his art and his publishing imprintInline image 1.
Find more information at www.diceonline.tk and on twitter via @dice2kx


Bryce Oquaye (MadHundreds Studios) is both an illustrator and a graphic artist. After successfully surviving on a strict diet of hip hop, comics, anime, and girl scout cookies, he's back this year with new art and awesome! Check out more of his work by visiting mad100s.tumblr.com!


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Join As We Introduce More Of Our Guests!

Creators To Meet at Derby City Comic Con 2015!

My name is Jonathan W. Maupin, creator of The Funny Guy. Created in January of 1995. I graduated high school in 1993, but never took any classes after high school for art. I am self taught artist! Yes lots of practicing, and drawing daily. In May of 2012, I published my first book of The Funny Guy! A book of 5 page stories with the character and adventures! Hopefully there will be more to come!


Stephen Hines was spawned, and currently lives, in Ohio. When he’s not infiltrating the system by teaching high school English, he’s holed up in his home writing. So far he’s published one graphic novel (Valedictorian USA: Vol. 1), a young adult novel (Hocus Focus), a short story in a dystopian sci-fi anthology (Das Krakenhaus Publishing) called The End of the World as We Know It, a one-shot surrealist horror comic (Icon-O-Plastic), and has several ongoing comic book series (Valedictorian USA, Crackerstacker, and Zombie Fabulous!). His horror graphic novel, S.M.K., is being illustrated as well. He’s currently hard at work on a memoir (Rebirth Defect: My Journey From Catholic Altar Boy to Teen Atheist to Adult Christian Metal Evangelist and Back to Atheism) that will surely alienate the few friends he still has.


Michael Kasinger is a comic and sketch card artist. He has worked for Bluewater Comics, Upper Deck, Cryptozoic Ent. He is working on his creator owned comics right now through his PWhack Comics.


Stay Tuned As We Unveil Everyone Throughout the Month of May!

We welcome Jeff Balke to Derby City Comic Con 2015

Jeff currently co-created his OWN ongoing comic book series called Urban Legends, which he is also the colorist on and is being published by his own comic book publishing company (4EP... or 4 Eyed Productions). By the end of 2015, he will have 2-3 ongoing comic book series out.

In addition, Jeff freelance colors for comic book companies such as Zenescope, Image, After Hours Press, Antarctic Press, Storm King Productions and many others. In just a short 5 years, he’s colored just about 200 comics (which he will be celebrating this year), and still going.

He’s also an award winning colorist, winning the 2011 Shel Dorf Award for “Colorist of the Year” and has been nominated a few times for an Eagle Award for “Favorite Colorist”.

Jeff created something called Sketch Coloring™. This is where you bring him anything b/w, and he’ll color it up by hand with markers right there on the spot. This is how he as a colorist, creates a sketch to make it a “one of a kind, unique” item for you. No two Sketch Coloring™ will ever be alike. You can give him anything from b/w sketch covers, b/w prints, clothing and pretty much anything markers will stick too and he’ll bring it to life just by adding markers to it.

To check out more of Jeff’s work and his updated “ARTageddon” 2015 tour, go to his website at: jbalkesart.com, FaceBook fan page JbalkesCOLORS and twitter Jbalke08.

Join The Derby City Comic Con Family As A Volunteer!

We invite you to be part of the 2015 Derby City Comic Con as a volunteer!

By joining us for this year's convention, your commitment will not only help support the Derby City Comic Con staff as we work to grow the event for the community, it wil also help create an exciting and enjoyable atmosphere for the fans and guests that attend. Be part of the comic con experience!

If you are interested, please complete this simple online form and our Director of Personnel, Allison Cuyjet, will be in touch!

Airship 27 Flies To Derby City Comic Con

Begun in 2004, Airship 27 Productions was the brain-child of veteran comic book writer Ron Fortier. Long familiar with the countless pulp book reprints being done every year to keep alive the memory of those classic 1030s heroes, Ron wondered why no one was bothering to create brand new adventures of these amazing characters. Partnering with professional graphic artist, Rob Davis, he then self-published THE HOUNDS OF HELL, co-authored with Gordon Linzner. In this tale, the popular pulp hero the Moon Man battles the equally famous pulp villain Doctor Satan. Combining their artistic sensibilities from their comic experiences, the two added nine black and white spot illustrations and a brilliant wrap around cover by Tom Floyd.

They followed this book with their first anthology, LANCE STAR - SKY RANGER, starring all new exploits of a long forgotten Canadian aviation pulp hero. The art this time being provided by Rich Woodall. Then came two anthology volumes of SECRET AGENT X and the first all new adventures of CAPTAIN HAZZARD - CHAMPION OF JUSTICE, a one shot wonder back in 1938. Fortier and Davis reproduced Hazzard's one and only book and have since release three new volumes in this on-going series.

Today Airship 27 Productions continues its mission of producing brand new adventures of classic pulp heroes with over 100 titles in the catalog; featuring such iconic heroes as Sherlock Holmes, Sinbad the Sailor and Robin Hood. Focusing on action adventure stories, coupled with today's most talented young illustrators and delivered in colorful, beautiful designed packages to please the most critical book lover.

The company's dirigible logo is emblematic of Ron and Rob's high flying goals; to produce the finest quality books that are always fun to read, again and again.

Writer - Ron Fortier

Ron Fortier had been writing professionally for forty years. With over six hundred published comics, he has written comics featuring such well known characters as Peter Pan, Popeye, Gene Roddenberry's Lost Universe and Rambo. He is best known for his work on the Green Hornet comic series for Now Comics and writing Alex Ross' first comic project, Terminator : Burning Earth for the same company.

Ten years ago he co-founded Airship 27 Productions with artist Rob Davis. The company produces brand new novels and anthologies featuring classic pulp heroes from the 1930s, to include Ron's revival of Captain Hazzard; Champion of Justice. Currently they have over 60 titles in their catalog. You can visit their on-line store. He also maintains a weekly blog at his website (Airship27.com) and writes a review column, Pulp Fictions Reviews found at (pulpfictionreviews.blogspot.com)

Ron won the prestigious Pulp Factory Award for Best Pulp Short Story two years in a row. In 2011 he won for "Vengeance is Mine," which appeared in the anthology, "The Avenger Justice Inc." from Moonstone Books and in 2012 for "The Ghoul," which appeared in "Monster Aces" from Pro Se Productions. He considered one of the leaders of the New Pulp movement in American fiction.

His is a frequent contributor to many pulp fiction anthologies and is currently writing and self-publishing a new comic series, Mr. Jigsaw, Man of a Thousand Parts from Rob Davis' Redbud Studios (mrjigsaw.com). He also writes an anthology series Ron Fortier's Tales of the Macabre, allowing him to work with some of the brightest new artists in the comics world today.

Redbud also produced Boston Bombers, Ron's highly acclaimed alternate world pulp graphic novel and the erotic horror graphic novel, Daughter of Dracula.

Artist - Rob Davis

Rob Davis began his professional art career doing illustrations for role-playing games in the late 1980's branching out to penciling comics for Malibu, Innovation, Rip-Off Press, DC and Marvel. Rob is probably best known for his work on the Star Trek Books for Malibu and DC. Rob continues comics work on self-published Graphic Novels such as DAUGHTER OF DRACULA and ROBYN OF SHERWOOD for his small-press production REDBUD STUDIO COMICS. In addition Rob is Art Director, Designer and Illustrator for the New Pulp production outfit AIRSHIP 27 with writer/editor Ron Fortier. Rob is four time nominee and the recipient of the PULP FACTORY AWARD for "Best Interior Illustrations." He works and lives in central Missouri with his wife and two children.

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