Top Reasons Why Torrents are Better Than Normal Downloads

Are you wondering what to choose between torrents and direct downloads? This article provides you with detailed information as to why torrent is better than normal downloads. Reasons why torrent is a better option than normal downloads 1. Speed One of the factors that make the torrent to be the best choice is speed. Torrent has a high download speed, especially for well-seeded ones. Torrent users use P2P connections when downloading files from magnet torrent files with a speed of 5 megabytes each and 450 peers on average. This means…

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Making Money with Clickbank Product Creator or Affiliate

There are two main ways you can make money with Clickbank. One can create his own product or become an affiliate and market someone else’s product. Clickbank is one of the top selling info product marketplaces selling to over 200 million customers around the world. Sell your own products If you are a content creator with any background, interests or hobbies, then you can start selling your information online through click bank. It is a very easy process to start and you can list any product from ebooks, online courses…

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