Making Money with Clickbank Product Creator or Affiliate

There are two main ways you can make money with Clickbank. One can create his own product or become an affiliate and market someone else’s product. Clickbank is one of the top selling info product marketplaces selling to over 200 million customers around the world.

Sell your own products

If you are a content creator with any background, interests or hobbies, then you can start selling your information online through click bank. It is a very easy process to start and you can list any product from ebooks, online courses to videos and music.

To list your product with Clickbank you will need to pay 49.95 USD activation fee. Clickbank will take care of the checkout and sales process and it will be listed on the platform marketplace. Once it’s published, affiliates will be able to check out and start promoting it for you based on a percentage that you setup when creating your product. 

The most important part of selling your own product at Clickbank is that you will have to build or outsource a very good converting landing page and copy. Better yet build a funnel and try to collect as much as leads as you can. Get all the pixels you need setup and connect it to your landing pages as you will want to keep retargeting to customers who didn’t buy at first.

Get an email autoresponder and connect it to your landing pages so the whole building an email list of customers can be automated. The money is in the list

Promoting other products

Instead of selling your own products at Clickbank, you can also make money with Clickbank by promoting other people’s products and become an affiliate marketer to earn each time you someone you referred to their website and bought a product. That can easily transform into passive income. Imagine getting fifty percent of the sale of other people’s products actually you can make up to 75% depending on the product itself.

The best thing about promoting other products is that once you have a system in place, expect to keep earning commission on a regular basis without adding any more extra work. You set it once and monitor the sales comes in.

Clickbank has already over 6 million products selling online. It is a very lucrative way to make money by selling digital products. Whether you create your own products or promote others.

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