Top Reasons Why Torrents are Better Than Normal Downloads

Are you wondering what to choose between torrents and direct downloads? This article provides you with detailed information as to why torrent is better than normal downloads.

Reasons why torrent is a better option than normal downloads

1. Speed

One of the factors that make the torrent to be the best choice is speed. Torrent has a high download speed, especially for well-seeded ones. Torrent users use P2P connections when downloading files from magnet torrent files with a speed of 5 megabytes each and 450 peers on average. This means if you have a strong internet connection, you will be able to download even very large files in a short time, which would take a lot of time to download via Norman downloads, which can sometimes crash, forcing you to start again.

Torrent files are usually around 70 kilobytes; this means it will take about one to five seconds to download.

2. Safety

Your activities safety is another thing that makes torrent a better choice when compared to the Norma way of downloading files. A lot of web browsers allow proxies to filter your connections and hide your IP location than the common HTTP connections; it uses HTTPS encryption. A server will always collect the files being downloaded, and the location where that particular file is being taken from. For example, when you are downloading a spreadsheet from Florida, you will download the spreadsheet. Xlsx and your server log will be download spreadsheet.Xlsx.in.Florida.USA. From this example, it is evident that when downloading normally, you risk exposing the location where you have acquired that file from.

However, with corsaro nero torrent, this is totally different. When it comes to torrent browsers, no logs are kept. But your peers IPs can be seen just the way your IP can be noticed during seeding or when you are trying to deliver to another peer.

3. Time frame

Another reason why torrent is better than normal downloads is that torrents are kept for a very long time and maybe forever, including all popular torrents and special ones. On the other hand, normal downloads usually keep links in operation for a very short period of time, just a few weeks. Torrents will be available always even if it is not available for direct download sites.

4. Rating and votes

With the torrent, it makes it possible for you to see the rating of the files you want to download. It even gives you an opportunity to vote and comment. You can also read through other people’s comments to find out what the file is all about and when the file was shared.

5. No restrictions

Unlike the normal downloads which restrict you on how you are going to download your files, torrents make it possible for you to stop, resume and pause downloads at any time, your files won’t be altered in the process of doing so. You can also download many files as you want without any restrictions or having to wait for one file to download before starting the second one.

These are the main reasons why you should opt for torrents for downloading all your files from today.

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