Derby City Comic Con Guest Announcments Coming?

Our Cavalcade of Comics (Nov 22nd) and Queen City Comic Con (Feb 28th) may be in the spotlight
right now but we haven't forgotten about the fifth year of Derby City Comic Con!

The FIRST MAJOR guest announcements for our 2015 convention
are coming soon so WATCH THIS SPACE!

Table Registration Opens For Queen City Comic Con!

We are THRILLED to open registration for our first in Ohio!

Join Us In Cincinnati, Won't You?

Coming to Cincinnati's
Sharonville Convention Center
February 28th 2015!

Creator tables are $70 each and vendor tables are $85 each!

Cavalcade of Comics Ticket Price? Just $5 per person!


A lot of conventions and gatherings charge a fair amount for you to see the show. We at Derby City Comic Con have always prided ourselves by keeping entrance costs VERY LOW so that families and fans can come to our event, not feel challenged by the price at the door and still have plenty of pocket money left to support our creators and vendors.

Given the more independent creator and retail focused nature of Cavalcade of Comics, we felt it was doubly important to keep prices down. A single day ticket to Derby City Comic Con this past June was just $10. Since we're roughly half way to our 2015 show, we set the ticket price for Cavalcade of Comics at half that price. That's just $5 per person with children 10 and under admitted for free (with a paying adult).

Online ticket sales for the Cavalcade of Comics begins October 1st.

We're inviting you to "Come Get Your Geek On" and beat the Christmas and black Friday rush
with Derby City Comic Con as we unveil our Cavalcade of Comics!

Cavalcade of Comics Table Layout Unveiled!


Ramada Plaza Louisville - Triple Crown Pavilion
November 22nd 2014!

Our PR machine is kicking into overdrive as we enjoy this Labor Day Weekend. Expect to hear a lot about our upcoming show in the days ahead.

Along those lines, we invite you to take your FIRST LOOK at how we're laying out tables for our November 22nd "Halfway to Derby City" convention. At this gathering you'll enjoy over 200 tables of comic, toy, art and related goodness just in time for the Christmas buying season to begin!

We're inviting you to "Come Get Your Geek On" and beat the Christmas and black Friday rush
with Derby City Comic Con as we unveil the Cavalcade of Comics!

What is Derby City Comic Con's Cavalcade of Comics?


Coming to Louisville's
Ramada Plaza Louisville - Triple Crown Pavilion
November 22nd 2014!

Due in no small part to the HUGE success of our primary show, Derby City Comic Con is exceedingly pleased to announce that we will be back in November with our SECOND event for comic fans to enjoy!

Taking place Saturday, November 22nd, 2014 at Ramada Plaza Louisville - Triple Crown Pavilion (9700 Bluegrass Parkway, Louisville, KY) the Cavalcade of Comics will be a companion show to our annual primary convention and offers a unique mix of comic book focused fun to enjoy.

Show owner Chuck Moore explains...

"We wanted to create a slightly smaller event which we could position roughly half way between each year's primary Derby City Comic Con. This event will be a celebration of regional art creators and it will also have more of a retail and shopping focus. The Cavalcade of Comics will feature a showcase an amazing tapestry of comic creators and also serve as a holiday shopping experience leading up to the nationwide retail shopping event, Black Friday! We're inviting fans to come get their geek on and shop local for the holidays!"

Derby City Comic Con' s Cavalcade of Comics will serve up 21,800 square feet of exhibitor space at the Ramada Plaza Louisville (already home to such great locals shows as the Louisville Arcade Expo and Conglomeration). In this new show space, we will ring the exhibit hall with a solid mix of regional comic creators and artists. In the middle of the show floor we will pack in a wide mix of comic book, toy and related geek culture focused vendors for you to enjoy. This will be a spot where you can shop for holidays, support local artists and mix in a convention environment with other comic book enthusiasts.

Why would you shop anywhere else?

Derby City Comic Con Will Be BIGGER and SOONER in 2015!

Our flagship convention returns to the
Kentucky International Convention Center

once again in June 2015!

We're also leaving behind the historic Hall 1AB (where we've housed our show
for the last four years) and moving to Hall 2D in 2015!

This means our convention floor is GROWING from

Much more on this massive event will be unveiled over the next few months!

We're thrilled to have this MUCH NEEDED room to grow Derby City Comic Con and look forward to sharing an impressive convention with comic book fans once again in 2015. For this fifth year we're going to be HUGE!

On the date move for 2015, we realize that moving one week earlier may be a surprise to some but convention organizers gave it a lot of thought before making the shift. What was the reason? For those of you who don't already know, Louisville is set to play host to a city-wide event beginning in 2015 which is devouring all available hotel rooms during our traditional "end of the month" convention weekend. As such, we decided to put the needs of our traveling creators, vendors and out of town guests first and make sure they had a place to stay for the weekend. This resulted in the date change this year and for the foreseeable future.

We can't wait to unveil our plans for the fifth anniversary of Derby City Comic Con. If you think you know our show, you haven't seen ANYTHING yet!

It's Your Last Chance For A Cavalcade of Comics Table!

We're closing creator and vendor registration for our November 22nd
Cavalcade of Comics show on August 1st.

If you would like a table, please REGISTER RIGHT AWAY!

Coming to Louisville's
Ramada Plaza Louisville - Triple Crown Pavilion
November 22nd 2014!


Pardon Our Dust As We Ramp Up To More Con Info and Updates!

Get ready for us to kick up some dust here
at the Derby City Comic Con website!

We're busy today archiving all our 2014 convention details into the "Historical Convention Information" section of our About Page. All the details of this year's show will not be lost over time, but instead live on there anytime we want to look back.

We'll be announcing our 2015 dates for Derby City Comic Con as well as our attendance numbers for the show we just finished this week! You'll be getting the early word on next year's show very quickly as the big decisions are being made RIGHT NOW!

So what's next? Once we make a few more announcements, point you to some of our 2014 show coverage and wrap things up for this year's main show, Cavalcade of Comics will take over this website and will be our focus now until November 22nd!

With registration already underway (CREATOR REGISTRATION | VENDOR REGISTRATION) and tables already getting close to selling out, this promises to be an exciting partner event for us in Louisville and we have SO MUCH MORE to share!

Sincerest Thanks To EVERYONE Who Joined Us in 2014!

And that's a wrap! Thank you so much to all the guests, creators, vendors, exhibitors and staff who make Derby City Comic Con a unique and successful event. See you all November 22nd for Derby City Comic Con: Cavalcade of Comics.

By the way...
Registration for that event is now live!

Coming to Louisville's
Ramada Plaza Louisville - Triple Crown Pavilion
November 22nd 2014!


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